Learn by Heart Apps

[Kings and Queens of England]
[US Presidents]
[US States]
[The Periodic Table]
[French Departments and Regions]
[The (Modern) Olympics]
[FIFA Football World Cups]
[Books of the Bible]
[Latin Phrases]
[Miscellaneous Facts: Zodiac, Weddings, Planets, Stars]
[Miscellaneous Facts (2): Rivers, Mountains, Deserts, Seas]

You should challenge your brain from time to time and learning a few things off by heart is one of the ways to do it. Moreover, knowing some things by heart on a given subject gives you an architecture which helps you readily put other related information readily into context, making it more memorable and interesting.

This App makes use of a (Click) which when pressed reveals more information. Seek to be able to remember some of this information by heart which you can then regularly test yourself on through the (Click) and reveal. I wouldn’t expect you to try to remember some of the detail that is given, but you can seek to remember the basic facts such as who was the xxth US President, which is the yyth element in the Periodic Table, who won the Football World Cup in 19zz. If the topic is of interest to you, learn something of it by heart.

Note that this App also works well on a smartphone, so long as you have internet access.

Other topics I will be producing these apps for in the short term are: [Events and Dates throughout History]; [The Lessons from Philosophy]; [The Brain]; [Cognitive Biases]; [Fallacies].

If there is some topic that you would like to see included, and which would be amenable to being put into this format, please let me know through replying via the comment box on the Home Page of www.aboutcommonsense.com

If you are interested in providing the information for such an app for me to include then also please get in touch. I would be happy to acknowledge you as the author of the information and provide a link to your personal site should you wish me to do so.

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