Diet Habits App: Mantras

'Faced with a temptation? Say it!'


Look to find some particular mantras or affirmations that resonate with yourself as something you can regularly remind and repeat to yourself to help with your resolve in improving your diet and exercising habits. Some examples are given here, but don’t simply pick one of these, unless is does work for you. Look to find or make up your own, and feel free to modify and adapt any you come across to suit your own ends.
‘I am the creator of my own body shape’
‘One day at a time’
‘Better and better, day by day’
‘Fatty food fatty brain’
‘Eat it, stay fat’
‘If I buy it, I’ll eat it, and I’ll stay fat’
‘I can do this’
‘Every choice is one step nearer or one step further away’
‘The harder it is, the greater it’s value’
‘My future health is dictated by today’s choices’
‘If not today, not ever’
‘I choose a better life, and I choose it now’
‘Healthy body, healthy mind; sluggish body, sluggish mind’
‘If you want to live longer later, live better today’
‘What will be tomorrow, will be because of today’
‘It is in the small things that we define our true selves’
‘Today is the tomorrow you made promises about yesterday’
‘To do the right thing, or not, is my choice, right now’