Diet Habits App: Links (to Other Sites)

Or to say it another way …


There is plenty of advice around about good dieting and general health habits and I would encourage you to regularly look at it, at least whilst you are still struggling to either make progress with or to maintain your desired weight. Every time you read about it you are further helping to embed good practices into your subconscious and help make the following of such advice more instinctive. Thus even where you can say to yourself ‘I already know this’ still read it or at least glance through it. And from time to time you fill find some information and advice that particular resonates with yourself or your personal circumstances and helps provide a further motivational push.

The following is a selection of such links, but if you have others you have found to be particularly useful please let us know – see Footer - and we’ll consider adding them.
Why do most diets fail
The Diabetes Council
The NHS Weight Loss Plan
How to lose weight and keep it off
Guidelines for losing weight
UCSF Health
How to lose weight as fast as possible
Weight Loss: 6 strategies for success
The Mayo Clinic
10 tips to lose weight
Medical News Today
Get Active
Exercise & Fitness
Eat Well
Beck Institutue Weight Management Program
Beck Institute
Calculate your body mass index (BMI)