The Sabotaging Thoughts you have in the Moment

“The decisions you make today are the decision you will make tomorrow.”


For most of the time whilst we are getting on with our daily lives we won’t be giving our diet any thought. However there may well be particular moments in the day when we find ourselves in the presence of temptation. With practice you are capable of getting to a point of being able to ‘Just say No’ and move on. But in the meantime the following are some of the ‘excuses’ you might find popping into your head, and some of the counters you might use to reject them.
‘I can’t waste it, it’s already paid for.’
Whether or not it’s paid for is irrelevant. Having it won't get your money back. The only concern is whether or not you will be better off having it or not having it. And for the sake of your weight and future health you will be better off not having it.
'Just this once.'
If you can’t resist now, you won’t be able to resist next time, and there will be many more next times. So now is the time to resist, in the full awareness that there is no just this once.
‘I’ll make up for it later.’
Even if this were true, you are at best swapping out the healthier food you would have eaten later for the less healthy food you are tempted to eat now. Moreover the calorie density for what you are being tempted to eat now will almost certainly be far higher than whatever it is you are claiming you will forgo later. Don’t kid yourself about making up for it, and if you do give in to temptation you’ll still be better off sticking with your healthy eating plans for later. Foregoing them later will simply leave you prone to more binge eating later when you ‘feel hungry’.
‘I’ve had a hard day, I deserve this.’
You’ll have many hard days. Do you want to diet or don’t you? If you find eating unhealthy foods a comfort that’s because you’ve conditioned yourself to do so, and you need to work at breaking that conditioning. Now is the best time to work at doing so. Besides, you’ll feel bad about yourself not long after giving in to something unhealthy, so you’re not really rewarding yourself.
‘I’m upset, and it’s better than smoking.’
If you have a tendency to get upset then learn techniques for feeling better and calming down, such as getting some exercise, being active, talking to someone, meditation, and many more. Smoking is bad for you, and eating unhealthily is bad for you.
‘I’ve already blown my diet for today, I’ll start again tomorrow.’
You may have had more calories than you would have liked today, but you’ve not ‘blown it’ unless you continue to consume far more than you’d planned. There’s a world of difference between having had an extra 500 calories and having an extra 3000 calories.
‘I’m feeling a bit tired, I need a boost.’
Whilst high energy foods and drinks do give you a boost it’s only for a very short time, and you’ll then feel a down which will last much longer. There are other ways to give yourself a boost which you can find out and learn about, in particular a short period of deep breathing, drinking some water or green tea, or use of healthy snacks. Look up suggestions and find ways that work for you and which don’t involve the habits you are looking to change.
‘It would be rude or impolite not to take what’s being offered.’
If you feel you need to eat something in order not to hurt someone’s feelings, ask yourself that if the roles were reversed would you be insistent that something you know to be striving to stick with a diet take whatever it is you might be putting in front of them? Depending on the circumstances people may barely notice if you turn down something being offered, and if they do notice would most likely be accepting of a simple ‘no thank you.’ If they are pushy or someone who would take offense then so be it, that’s a defect in their character not yours.